Medico / Psycho-Legal Services

  • Medico/Psycho-Legal assessments are an intersection between psychology and the justice system. Assessments of clients are usually on request of an attorney or third party to ensure that all legal elements of issues are considered. It involves understanding aspects of law in order to be able to provide important information to judges, attorneys, other legal professionals and/or companies.

Our expert Medico / Psycho-Legal services include :

  • In-depth interviews with the client
  • Comprehensive, integrated reports to provide an opinion on possible past- and future loss of income
  • Joint minutes, addendums, pre-trial consultations and expert testimony

Our focus areas include :

  • Accident Claims (Road Accident Fund)
  • Private insurance claims
  • Negligence Claims (Public and Private Sector)
  • Public Liability Claims (Injury on duty/public or private spaces)
  • Maintenance Claims (Loss of Support)

Value-Added Services : 

  • Case-specific recommendations and expert advice
  • Direct and personalised communication with our clients
  • Regular status updates on all cases
  • We bring our services to you and are able to travel for groups of clients (min 10)


Career Guidance

We provide comprehensive career guidance and development services aimed at exploring the unique personality, natural abilities and interests of the individual to make realistic, practical and informed career decisions. Our holistic approach includes a variety of reliable psychometric assessments as well as an in-depth personal interview which allows you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your interests, abilities and career options.

Our focus areas include : 

  • Subject choices (high school learners)
  • Study options (High school learners and graduates)
  • Workplace readiness guidance (graduates)
  • Career changes and development (working adults)


Counselling & Coaching

Counselling : 

Our counselling services aim to provide our clients with professional support in coping with the various challenges of life. We believe in an integrated holistic approach by considering both the internal-and external worlds of the individual in his/her unique environment. We focus on a wide variety of issues, which include work-related or personal challenges, stress management and burnout, work-life balance and interpersonal relationships.

Coaching : 

Our coaching service is an interactive, collaborative process which allows clients to effect change in their lives through the exploration of goals, emotions, interests, behaviour and possible obstacles to growth. General coaching themes for professional and personal development could include goal setting and decision making, increasing your productivity, developing your interpersonal skills, setting boundaries and rediscovering your purpose and passion.

Sessions for both counselling and coaching are personalised according to the individual’s needs and goals. Services are offered to all age groups via one-on-one sessions in person, as well as virtual sessions via online applications and tools, such as Skype and Zoom.


Organisational Wellness & Development

  • Our insight into human behaviour in the workplace, as well as our extensive experience in various industries enable us to create customised wellness interventions which is aimed at growth, unlocking potential and optimisation in the following areas :
  • Performance and productivity
  • Understanding and coping with change in organisations
  • Interpersonal relationships in the workplace
  • Team coherence and effectiveness
  • Employee wellness
  • Addressing organisational culture


We provide training to individuals and organisations as part of our focus on growth and development which include the following 


  • Soft skills training (stress management, conflict management, interpersonal relationships, communication, goal setting and time management)
  • Medico/Psycho-Legal Training (General Medico/Psycho-Legal processes, interview and assessment techniques, interpretation of all relevant documents and specialist reports, expert report writing and joint minute compilation, trial procedures, role of the actuary, data management)
  • Customised training sessions according to the client’s specific needs and requirements