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Dr Magethi is an experienced industrial psychologist, communicator, and trainer. Industrial Psychology is a specialisation that deals with everything relating to the world of work: individuals, organisations and industries.


The purpose of this service is to establish past and future loss of income by gathering statements regarding the claimants earning capacity through his or her early childhood development, family background, educational level, knowledge and skill set, employment history, vocational plans, past earning history as well as other relevant circumstances. Collateral information is also obtained.

Corporate Assessments

Corporate Assessments are tools for evaluating the performance of all key systems & processes of the company/corporation

Magethi Industrial Psychology Services offers a number of services alongside some Psychometric Assessment Accreditations

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Our approach involves working in a collaborative manner with all our clients. We pride ourselves on developing and delivering tailored solutions that suit the unique needs of each and every organisation, team and individual we work with.

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Career Guidance Services

By learning more about your interests, abilities and personality, you start understanding your own specific winning combination. Your winning combination forms the basis of the unique package you can offer any potential employer which no other person can.

Why People Trust Us

Market Leaders

Our Association is well respected and highly regarded amongst the legal fraternity as leaders within the Medico-Legal field.

Attention To Detail

In depth collateral investigations and research which allows us to produce accurate, detailed and substantiated reports.

A Company that Cares

A caring and empathetic approach in a tough and often acrimonious environment.

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Our Services

Career Guidance

We provide comprehensive career guidance and development services aimed at exploring the unique personality, natural abilities and interests of the individual to make realistic, practical and informed career decisions.

Counselling & coaching

Our counselling services aim to provide our clients with professional support in coping with the various challenges of life. We believe in an integrated holistic approach by considering both the internal-and external worlds of the individual in his/her unique environment.

Organizational Wellness & Development

Our insight into human behaviour in the workplace, as well as our extensive experience in various industries enable us to create customised wellness interventions which is aimed at growth, unlocking potential and optimisation

Medico / Psycho-Legal Services

Medico/Psycho-Legal assessments are an intersection between psychology and the justice system. Assessments of clients are usually on request of an attorney or third party to ensure that all legal elements of issues are considered. It involves understanding aspects of law in order to be able to provide important information to judges, attorneys, other legal professionals and/or companies.


We provide training to individuals and organisations as part of our focus on growth and development which include the following 


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