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Services can be tailored to your specific requirements, but below you will find our standard services for each life stage/requirement.

We offer Career Guidance Services to:

01. Scholars Gr 9 -Gr 12

  • Subject Choices
  • What & where to study
  • Career Choices

02. School Leavers, Students & Graduates

  • What & where to study
  • Changing study choices
  • Acing a Job interview
  • Workplace readiness

03. Working Adults

  • Changing your career
  • Growing within your career
  • Interview skills

How we do this

  • Accredited psychometric assessments and in-depth interviews are used to obtain a complete picture of the client’s profile
  • Meaningful, relevant, interactive and highly personalised feedback are provided to clients
  • Additional support services are provided to assist with career decisions
  • Assistance to identify appropriate study courses and providers
  • Access to with input from working individuals within specific fields to provide clients with a realistic view of the workplace/job content
  • Ongoing coaching to encourage personal and professional growth


By learning more about your interests, abilities and personality, you start understanding your own specific winning combination. Your winning combination forms the basis of the unique package you can offer any potential employer which no other person can.

When making career decisions, the following three factors should be taken into account:

Interests remain fairly stable over time and includes things you like doing or areas that you prefer to focus your attention on.  You are also likely to learn quicker when you deal with something which falls within your interests.

Abilities can be defined as those things you are able to do quickly and well. When you perform tasks which lie within your abilities, you manage to harness your existing strengths to your advantage. This is not to say that you should not strive to develop and grow your abilities, but by utilising them, you give yourself a running start when it comes to your career.

Personality refers to individual differences in patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.  Your personality is a combination of your characteristics, and this is what makes you different from other people.


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