Corporate Assessments

Corporate Assessments are tools for evaluating the performance of all key systems & processes of the company/corporation

Magethi Industrial Psychology Services offers a number of services alongside some Psychometric Assessment Accreditations:

Different tools used

  • MBTI Assessment tool
  • 16PF
  • EQI 2.0
  • Cognitive Process Profile (CPP)
  • OPQ
  • Cognitive and Potential Assessment (COPAS)
  • Hogan personality assessment suite (HDI, HDS and MVPI)
  • Integrity Profile 200 (IP 200)
  • Brief overview of different outcomes

Organisations use assessment tools & procedures to help them perform the following human resource functions:

- Selection- organisations want to be able to identify & hire, fairly & efficiently the best candidates for the job and the organization. A properly developed & applied assessment tool may provide a way to select successful employees. - Placement- Organizations also want to be able to assign people to the appropriate level. Assessments may provide information that helps organizations achieve the best fit between employees and jobs. - Training and development- Tests are used to find out whether employees have mastered training materials. They can help identify those applicants and employees who might benefit from either remedial or advanced training. Information gained from assessment results can be used to design or modify training programs. - Promotion- Organizations may use tests to identify employees who possess managerial potential or higher level capabilities so these employees can be promoted to assume greater duties and responsibilities. - Career Exploration and guidance- Tests are sometimes used to help people make educational and vocational choices. Tests may provide information that helps individuals choose occupations in which they are likely to be successful and satisfied - Program evaluation- Tests may provide information that the organization can use to determine whether employees are benefiting from training & development programs.

Corporate Assessments Process Flow